What is STEMM Central Bootcamp?

STEMM Central Bootcamp is a series of modules that provides Early Career Researchers and PhD students with a foundation in the research translation and commercialisation process. This includes skills such as market and competitor analysis, intellectual property management and regulatory intelligence as well as design thinking, negotiation and relationship building. Ideally designed to be completed as a whole, there is also the option for students to undertake individual modules. Each module consists of a masterclass presented by area experts, supported by webinars and print resources to further deepen your understanding of the topic. By joining the STEMM Central Bootcamp community, you will also have the opportunity to network with other commercially-focused researchers, sharing valuable insights and developing potential collaborations.

How do I access STEMM Central Bootcamp?

The course for 2016/2017 has been completed. For expressions of interest for future participation or general enquiries  please email stemmcentral@gmail.com. 

A Look Inside

Capstone Project

Congratulations to the winners of the STEMM Central Capstone Project. All of the groups put a lot of work into delivering presentations on their projects at the Capstone Pitching and Networking event held at the end of June 2017. This project allowed participants to consolidate their learning from each module through a group project to develop a business plan for a biotechnology start-up.    

Capstone Pitching Project Winners

Past Events

                           Past Events

Here are some of the interesting topics already covered. Registered users can access course content from past events.



9th May
Event Complete

Clinical Trial Strategy

4th April
Event Complete

Deal Making

7th March
Event Complete

Finding Funding

7th February
Event Complete


IP Management 

17th January
Event Complete

Market & Competitor Analysis

6th December
Event Complete


10th November
Event Complete


6th October
Event Complete